Current Affairs
August 5, 2021

Since the Company began operations on August 1st, 2011, it has achieved many successful milestones which contributed to the increased value of TGU and by extension the country.

TGU as a power facility is an asset to Trinidad and Tobago, providing a blueprint for efficient power generation. This makes TGU well-placed to respond to requirements for the expansion of efficient power generation capacity in Trinidad and Tobago. Over the years, TGU continues to
enhance, its management framework and institutional strengthening activities resulting in growth and development in an environment of improving efficiencies and new technologies.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Investment Fund Holding Company Ltd. (NIFHCL), as well as an issuer of a United States dollar (USD) denominated international bond, TGU remains fully cognisant of its role in the financial markets and its responsibilities to its shareholders.

The Company, through its Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Objectives, Employee Volunteerism Programmes and Initiatives also continue to support both the fence line and national communities displaying the Company’s continuous commitment to its social

With the Board oversight, the company continues to operate with an eye on a sustainable future, dedicated to creating opportunities that will benefit our nation. The Board of Directors expresses its gratitude for the collective efforts of all past and current board members, management, staff and other stakeholders as it continues to contribute to the sustainability of the energy sector. Over the last ten years the support of each stakeholder has made TGU a successful and internationally recognized Independent Power Producer, and we join with the company in looking forward to TGU continuing to serve Trinidad and Tobago for generations to come.