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Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) manages the most efficient power plant in Trinidad and Tobago.

The 720-megawatt (MW) TGU facility is the largest combined-cycle power plant in the Caribbean and currently supplies approximately 50% of Trinidad & Tobago’s electrical energy. It is owned by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago (GoRTT) and is located at the Union Industrial Estate, La Brea.

TGU is fully staffed by nationals whose exceptional expertise and performance allows us to meet the rigid standards of HSE, operability and reliability of the facility.

Our Logo and Tagline

The TGU logo – The integration of the hand, leaf and people, was created from the imagination and artistic expression of staff within TGU. It is a true representation of our thriving culture of collaboration. Each element symbolises a guiding principle and visually expresses TGU’s commitment to all customers, our community, country and the world.

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