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The power behind TGU’s efficiency and global competitiveness comes from our passionate, highly professional, technically advanced team. We have a highly skilled workforce with a passion for learning and expertise enhanced by cross training. By building a culture of safety, environmental sustainability, continuous learning and transparency among staff we are able to deliver unrivalled power generation efficiently.



I am privileged to be an employee at the reputable and dynamic Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) – which is known for being the largest Combined Cycle Power Plant in the Caribbean rated at 720MW. During the six (6) years I have been at TGU, I have come to the realisation that it is indeed a Company built around highly motivated individuals, all working towards the common goal of the Company achieving World Class status. Having said this, I know TGU is most definitely on par with several global companies since we have delivered quality power to the customer, without compromising safety at any given time.

As an employee of TGU I have been given the opportunity to hone my leadership skills, while at the same time, being able to serve the community in many different ways. My continuous holistic development is almost entirely dependent on the genuine support and encouragement given to me by this very competent Staff.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to publicly reiterate that Trinidad Generation Unlimited is certainly ‘the employer of choice’

Vishal Ramcharitar – Lead Operator