Empowering the Next Generation

Joining the staff at Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) means the opportunity to work in a state-of-the-art power generation facility. This ensures the next generation of graduates are continuously exposed to high-quality skills training.

As part of our commitment to a culture of continuous learning and development, TGU integrated two key training programmes during the second year of our operations. The Power Plant Graduate Trainee Programme and the Vacation Internship Programme are designed to attract the best talent from Trinidad and Tobago and build the best team of young professionals to successfully create a real, home-grown organisation.

Power Plant Graduate Trainee Programme


TGU’s Power Plant Graduate Trainee Programme was introduced to expose young, talented individuals to on-the-job-training within a state-of-the-art power generation facility. The objective of the programme is to equip participants with a solid foundation and necessary skills and knowledge to be better prepared for entry into the job market.

Over the course of two years, trainees gain experience in a high-performance, results-oriented, professional environment and supporting culture. Over 45 graduates have gained hands-on experience and expertise at the La Brea plant, with over 75% of these graduates continuing as part of TGU’s workforce.

Vacation Internship Programme

TGU’s Vacation Internship Programme is a mentorship programme which targets first- and second-year university students. Its aim is to teach and mentor highly motivated, career-oriented men and women at the entry level by providing them with practical experience and skills for the energy industry.

TGU understands that the continued success and longevity of business relies on the development of the next generation of power generation professionals.