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Community Pride

Being 100% locally operated and managed, TGU is proud to have been founded in a culturally rich and diverse community, renowned for its fertile landscape and the many achievements of its iconic people. Located in the south-western community of La Brea, TGU is committed to ensuring the sustainable expansion of the communities in which the company operates through the development of strategic initiatives.

La Brea “The Pitch”

TGU is located in verdant La Brea, in south Trinidad. The Spanish words translated, means “The Pitch”, and it is the home of the Pitch Lake, the largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world. The lake spans over 95 acres and is reported to be 75 metres deep. It is now world famous but the world first learned of the lake when British explorer Sir Walter Raleigh, used the pitch to seal his ships and prevent leaks as he sailed the Caribbean in search of El Dorado. Over the years, this lake has become an increasingly popular attraction in Trinidad and Tobago, some come to marvel at the natural wonder or to explore sulphuric warm water pools, where both flora and fauna thrive.

Community Commitments

TGU is committed to the development of the surrounding communities through the utilisation of:

  • Community Development Programmes
  • Community Sponsorship and Donations
  • Community Youth, Educational Excellence and Talent Recognition
  • Employee Volunteerism

TGU strives to ensure the sustainable development on a regional, national and community scale.