Media Release
November 26, 2023

Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) is pleased to advise the public that the continued collaboration with our customer, Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC), has led to the successful completion of the planned maintenance exercise and Distributed Control System (DCS) upgrade at 5:27 am today, Sunday, November 26th, 2023.

The upgraded DCS system will enhance and maintain the efficient delivery of power from TGU to T&TEC. It will also allow TGU to maximize the utilization of its critical ‘fuel-free’ steam cycle, contributing 37.5% (270MW) of output without the need for natural gas as fuel.

TGU has placed on the grid all six (6) gas turbine generators and is working at attaining full capacity with the steam turbines in complete operation. We remain committed to ensuring that our operations support the country’s energy needs. TGU commends the team of employees that executed the maintenance and upgrade works, as well as all other employees who supported the plant operations in the execution of these works. We also thank the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries and the TGU Board of Directors for its support during this exercise.

We appreciate the ongoing support of our customer, IPP partners, and the national community, reaffirming our commitment to contributing to a reliable power supply for the nation.

TGU will continue to provide updates as necessary to keep the public informed.