Current Affairs
August 5, 2021

On Behalf of The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries and the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, I extend my congratulations to Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) on its 10th Anniversary.

As the largest combined-cycle power plant in the Caribbean and currently supplying approximately 50% of Trinidad & Tobago’s electrical energy, TGU is an exceptional success story, illustrating the high performance of a 100% national team. As a major energy supplier for our country, TGU is integral to the continued development of the energy sector of Trinidad and Tobago. The organisation must be commended for its dedication and resilience to changing circumstances and continued contribution to the power generation industry.

Thank you to the Board of Directors, Management and all members of staff. May TGU continue to reap the rewards of its very good performance for many, many years to come.

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries