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Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) is committed to creating sustainable development that brings long-term social and economic benefits for the nation. We support initiatives that build economic, social, human and cultural capacity, and create a social and economic legacy. TGU not only implemented several programmes in the areas of training and education, health, sport, community development, and arts and culture in the La Brea community, we have been a key sponsor and supporter of initiatives implemented by various groups and entities that operate within the community. Our commitment to our people, our community and the nation as a whole resonates in everything that we strive for, and we remain dedicated to enriching the nation through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We are proud to work with the La Brea community to improve our environment and increase opportunities for growth, education and employment.

We believe that supporting education is an important way of supporting social sustainability. One of the ways we do this is through our Annual Excellence Awards Ceremony where high achievers throughout the community are awarded and honoured for their hard work and diligence in their educational pursuits. Students from primary to secondary schools take part in this event and we are proud to say that this initiative has been a huge success in inspiring the youth in La Brea as well as the teaching staff at the various schools

Through our “Saving Sight” initiative we have provided annual vision screenings and eye glasses to the La Brea primary and secondary schools students.  Vision screenings are carried out at the seven (7) primary schools and one (1) secondary school in the area and free spectacles given to those in need every year. To date over 2500 students have been tested with approximately 500 receiving spectacles. This further solidifies our commitment to the development of the future generations.

Here are some highlights: