Current Affairs
August 4, 2021

Congratulations to all members of staff on contributing to 10 years of power and pride! As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we can all be proud knowing that Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) has significantly transformed and enhanced the energy landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. TGU launched operations in 2011 focused on becoming an industry-leading organisation known for its safe, reliable and efficient operation, and high standards of performance.

We are proud to supply power to Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC), and at full load, TGU can supply over 50% of our country’s current peak demand for electrical power. We have had many changes and challenges over the years and TGU in 2021 is much more than an efficient power plant.

In 2013, TGU became a 100% state-owned company operated by the Union Estate Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEEGCL). Our organisation entered the Singapore stock exchange in November 2016 and became a part of the National Investment Fund Holding Company Ltd. (NIFHCL) in 2018, demonstrating our significant value.

We are all part of a company that has defied the odds and successfully maneuvered its way through these various changes and challenges; a company still fully run by 100% committed nationals with a good operating history; one that continues to accept its role as a good corporate citizen. A company that is a first-time issuer of a US$600 million 144A RegS bond on the international financial market.

A company that is a glowing example of what we can accomplish despite facing adversity.

We have shown that we have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to own and run the most efficient power generation facility in the country.

We look forward to demonstrating that we have the capacity to further grow this business.

As integral drivers of the TGU story, I would like to thank all members of staff for their commitment to taking our company forward.

We extend our appreciation to our employees, including our Board of Directors, who uphold our commitment to volunteerism and community development.

We also thank our stakeholders and fenceline communities and the wider national community, whose support has been integral to our progress.

It has been and continues to be an honour to serve Trinidad and Tobago and we look forward to many more years of efficient power generation for you.

Chief Executive Officer